Meet Our Tile Team

Store Owner

I grew up on a farm in the Thumb of Michigan where hard work was a daily experience.  However this upbringing would sculpt me into the person I am today.  I moved down to the “City” in my early 20’s to seek adventure and see what life was like on the other side.  I soon found out that the pace was faster and rent was much higher.  I have worked various jobs from waitressing, bartending, working in factories, working in retail, sometimes 2 to 3 jobs at a time, doing whatever it took to pay the bills and keeping a roof over my head.  Then I finally decided to go back to school and get a Degree in Business, it was the toughest most gratifying 4 years of my life and wouldn’t have changed the long nights working on that term paper, studying for a test or preparing a presentation for anything.  During these 4 years I worked for a wonderful company in Wixom where I started out as a Payroll Assistant and then moved up the corporate ladder to obtain the title of Controller and had that position for 10 years.  Then I met my husband and my whole world would change forever.

We met in 2004 and he had been in the tile industry for over 20 years and suggested I make a career change and try selling “Dirt in a Box” (tile).  Taking a leap of faith here we are 10 years later and making it work.  We have had our struggles along the way with the turn in the economy in 2007, but was blessed with being able to turn back to my Degree and previous experience and able to work in the corporate world for a few years.  I really couldn’t wait to get back to the tile side and the rewards of being able to design.    In 2011, I was able to rejoin the tile family and worked in Chicago and throughout the Mid-West with Architectural Firms and designers and in 2012 decided to diversify Flooring Finesse by Design by opening a showroom in beautiful Fowlerville, Michigan.  I have been very blessed and look forward to assisting customers with whatever challenges they may have. It’s very gratifying to me when I hear or see the excitement in a customer’s voice or eyes knowing they are happy with their selection and can’t wait for the product to be installed.  That makes my day!!!!

Store Cat

Sassy best picture tile floor cat

I was lonely and lost when I walked up Dawn’s driveway looking for someone to take care of me.  I didn’t know if she would be willing to since I was pretty mangy and dirty.  But luckily for me, she has a big heart, looked past all that grime and took me in.  I was used to being the boss and didn’t take to kindly to the other furry roommates, which is how I got my name, Sassy.  So she decided it would be best if I became the resident shop kitty.  I don’t mind when my furry roommates come to visit but I prefer to be the only one who gets to hog all the attention!  I love meeting all the new customers who come in too.  You can often find me curled up on one of the chairs or sunning myself in the front window.  That is, of course, when I’m not up on Dawn’s desk trying to get some extra lovin!