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Careful research on its graphics and structure makes timberstone a collection that gives style and atmosphere to the areas it is used in. It is ideal indoor flooring for both residential and commercial contexts, but can also be used for outdoor terraces, patios, and porticoes. The collection has 5 colours and comes in sizes of 30x60, 15x60, and 10x60.

Olimpia is a full-body unglazed porcelain stoneware inspired by a number of natural stones whose main feature is the longitudinal veins. The very particular graphics vaguely recall fossil wood and, by looking at the slab horizontally, some types of rock stratifications. The surface structure is slightly undulate and in the most excavated parts, bright effects can be seen that makes this product pleasantly elegant and soft to the touch. Olimpia is an elegant material with timeless charm, capable of making any interior exclusive and refined.

Monbrac is a collection inspired by the Beola stones found in Italy's region of Valdossola. The name Monbrac comes precisely from the local Ladin dialect term for MonteBracco, the area where the best slabs are extracted. The 4 colours in the Monbrac collection are designed to be extremely modern and rustic at the same time and can be implemented in indoor/outdoor wall or flooring use.

Capture the material’s evolutionary spirit, embracing the boundaries of elegance. Stunning, contemporary decorations and motifs conceived to fulfil a love of detail. Pursuing a new aesthetic form with cutting-edge technology and design. Rediscover uniqueness through elegant tiling set off by STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal inserts. Swathe yourself in beauty, envelop yourself with Iridium, the coloured body porcelain stoneware collection for eternally stunning tiling.

Lights that emanate from the earth and sea, natural architecture built of wind-shaped rocks, and places of surreal beauty, suspended between the sun and moon, where spectacular forests of petrified granite leave visitors spellbound. These are the treasures that Sardinia has to offer, precious elements salvaged from an ancient land, with which Gallura’s pure ceramic is infused. Six stunning trachyte-inspired colours available in just two sizes, to lend your tiling a Mediterranean essence.

Nature’s charm, recreated by porcelain stoneware technology. The beauty of wood in ceramic form. Naturally stylish interiors, with textural allure.

Inspired by the prehistoric cave rocks and their natural coloration. A metamorphic rock look created from ancient volcanic ashes.

The streaks on the surface conceal the new dimension of space. Effects of oxidized metal created on porcelain tiles: the contemporary look of the design in a new concept of interior decoration, where the refi ned simplicity of a minimalist taste accompanies a great variety of shapes and colors. Sober decorations, mosaics and wall-type mosaic tiles, for an elegance that derives from the bare simplicity of the surfaces and the originality of details that give character to the rooms.

The natural beauty of stone.

Shining matter; precious and lively stones glow in amusing reflections

The minimal design of the straightened edged cement tile, coupled with the exclusive effects of STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal, creates an original and enchanting appeal that is ideal for showrooms and fashion settings.